The Difference Between Windshield and Window Glass

Are you curious to know why the car front glass is more robust than the remaining vehicle glasses? Because both of the glasses are of different types and have distinct compositions. While you look keenly at the automotive technology you will see the mind-blowing facts and innovations that are made to make the travel experience comfortable for you. Even the glass in cars has gone through various phases of development to where it is today. Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the differences between windshield & window glass.

Windshield And Window Glass – Key Differences

Auto glass components are of crucial importance to protect your safety on the road. Therefore, the composition of the car window glass and windshield glass is different.

Windshield Glass Components

To protect the passengers the windshield glass is made from laminated safety glass. The compositional elements of this glass include two sheets of glass that have a layer of vinyl between them to bind them perfectly. As the glass is made of several layers, intense heat and pressure are applied to keep the layers in contact. The vinyl solution offers robust protection to the driver and passenger as it keeps the windshield in contact even if it’s cracked. In accidental damages, the windshield glass usually cracks in a spider web pattern when the impact of the collision is not strong enough to break the whole glass.

Window Glass Components

The window glass is made from a strong material called tempered glass. This particular type of glass is created after going through the process of tempering which means it is heat-treated to create a robust glass. It is treated to a temperature greater than 1000 Fahrenheit so the glass is 5 times as strong as the other glasses available in the market. Keeping the rash driving experiences in mind, the glass when broken into pieces won’t have sharp edges so the damage is comparatively lesser in comparison to the regular glass.
In brief, the composition of the Window and windshield glass is different. The windshield glass has layers that are bonded together whereas the tempered glass is toughened using excessive heat.

Original Equipment Manufacture Glass Standard for Automotive Glass

The glass that is refitted in the new vehicles must follow the OEM standards. The standards are usually set to ADA features and easy calibration to offer the utmost security to the vehicle. If the cars in the glass meet the Automotive Glass Safety Council Standards, then your car is safe to use on the road.

What are the perks of Window and Windshield Glass?

The windshield glass of a car can bear the damage but if you won’t get the cracked glass repaired for a long duration of time then it might become worse. So, it is important to tackle the problem at the earliest to gain the following perks of windshield glass:

Airbag Deployment for Accidents

The firmness of the laminated glass is crucial for the proper deployment of the passenger-side airbags. In case of any accident, the windshield rapidly absorbs the force of the airbag and provides additional damage. For unbelted occupants, the windshield glass of the car makes sure that airbags are deployed at the right speed and time to prevent fatal injuries.

Guard Against the Road Debris

The car windshield glass serves an important role in protecting the passengers from road hazards that result from road debris. However, the laminated glass acts as an important barrier and reduces the risk of objects passing through the windows. But the human actions to protect your windshield from damage is by keeping a safe distance from the loaded trucks and keeping your car safe from tree limbs.

Improved Structural Integrity

During major accidents, the windshield is one of the important barriers that contribute to almost 45% of the structural integrity of the car. In case of a rollover incident, the roof’s firmness is sustained efficiently with the help of the windshield glass.

Car Window Glass – Advantages

The window glass, if it’s of high quality, can last for decades. Poor window glasses may need earlier replacements. Here are a few of the perks of using premium quality window glass.

Noise Reduction

The lower-quality windows in your home can let the noise from the surroundings disturb you. The same is the case with the window glass of the car. The high-quality vehicle window glass helps to reduce the noise level by a greater percentage. This means that you can spend quality time with friends and will be able to focus on your work in a better way.

Protection from the UV Rays

The glass with a high SPF rating will prevent skin tans. If you are beauty conscious you can also check the premium grade material of your window glass before buying a car. The high-quality glass will keep the internal temperature of the car cooler which also improves the fuel consumption when the air conditioner is used.

Better Visibility for Perfect Outer View

If you are one of those individuals who love to see the outside world while traveling you should check the tempered glass that offers better visibility. The quality car glass performs better in harsh weather conditions so that you can see the road clearly in case of rain or fog.


In a nutshell, windshield & window glass vary in terms of composition and functionality. PVB is infused in the windshield glass to make it more robust and in case of collision, it cracks in the form of a spider web structure. On the other hand, tempered glass is heat-treated so it is 4x stronger in comparison to simple glass. The thickness of the window and windshield varies as per the car type so before you buy a car you can ask for the details about glass from the company



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