Common Causes of Windshield Damage

Common Causes of Windshield Damage

Most of us consider that our car’s windshield is just another component of our automobile. But that is only true till the time it is giving the maximum performance. When there is windshield damage, we suddenly understand its importance. That is when individuals learn the significance of owning a perfect, crystal-clean windshield that has zero defects.

Surprisingly, these shortcomings occur more frequently with everyone than you notice. The research shows that major insurance claims in the US consist of thirty percent of all automobile-related claims. You might come across an incident when your vehicle’s windshield receives a crack, small fissures, or holes. That will keep you bewildered whether it requires a fix or replacement.

To get to know about this, it is necessary to discover the various causes by which your windshield can be harmed. That will help you to proceed with the proper plan. We are providing a few causes with which your vehicle’s windshield can be damaged:

1. Harsh Weather is the Major Cause of Windshield Damage

You may be a resident of regions where there are regular thunderstorms with rainfall and hail. The windshields of car owners in these areas can be at great risk of breaking or chipping in. Plus, storms, cyclones, and tough weather conditions can hurl debris at your automobile. That can smash its glass and degrade its foundations. A fissure in the windshield may not appear that detrimental initially. But it can reduce the glass’s strength and durability, making you unsafe. It might also keep your windshield vulnerable to an entire breakdown in the coming time by windshield damage.

2. Temperature is Another Hazard Causing Windshield Damage

Assuming you receive a tiny stone chip on your windshield when it is winter, you won’t have to bother. But as the temperatures soar during the hot weather, these kinds of little chips can quickly lead to bigger fissures. That will need an entire windshield replacement. Temperature variations are one of the most typical reasons behind the windshield cracks. Most of the time, it is essential to repair the issue immediately. You might also save plenty of bucks if you are fast with fixing your window because windshield fixes are less costly than replacements.

3. Why Exposure to Sunlight Can Lead to Windshield Repair?

Too much casting of UV rays, which are present in sunlight, can impact your windshield with time. You should keep your automobile away from direct sunlight. That means you should park your car in the covered parking lot or garage. Windshield fissures occurring when nothing has smashed on the windshield or glass’s visible harm are known as “stress fissures”. They are because of the UV light. In cases like that your car requires a windshield repair.

4. Falling Trees: Leading to Urgent Windshield Replacement

Trees can be a leading reason behind the harm to windshields. At times strong blowing winds will thrust tree branches into your automobile. In other incidents, branches might break and drop directly from the trees onto your car. You can even suffer from the complete tree dropping down in an unfavorable direction. You should know the substantial vehicle damage that can occur when parking beneath trees. That holds even when it is not a windy day.

5. Look Out for Highway Debris

Almost anything you discover on one of the ends of the road is of tremendous risk to your car’s windshield. Plenty of drivers continuously get affected by the flying rock particles or gravel on the road. The gravel is a particularly infamous type of road mess that won’t cause any major harm to the windshield. But it might result in little chips that can result in windshield damage with time. Bigger debris can lead to damage of the entire windshield with a hit. Accelerating at a fast speed while chasing other automobiles closely on a gravel highway can keep you in danger. Your car can get a chip or fissure in the windshield like that. You should reduce speed to safeguard your car from any damage. Assuming your car’s windshield has received a big hit from gravel, it will require a windshield replacement.

6. Be Careful of Heavy-Construction Automobiles

At one time or another in our lives, we all have come across the possibility of driving behind a heavy construction automobile. Some construction automobiles represent a warning, conveying they will not be liable for your automobile harm when it’s close by. You should know that mostly these warnings are placed behind the truck because it’s loaded with sharp stuff like rocks. They can slope away from the truck and smash on your car damaging its windshield. You should always drive at a safe distance from the construction automobile. You should cross them when it is safe and convenient.

7. Car Accidents Leading to Windshield Damage

Besides vehicle manufacturers develop windshields with tough glass, they can receive damage when they are hit by an outside object. Although the effect of the harm may not be instantly identifiable, the impact of the accident can weaken the glass. Afterward, the slight application of force can result in a windshield crack.

8. Poor Windshield Installation

Assuming you purchased a second-hand car, there is a possibility that the windshield has been fixed or replaced. The previous windshield setup team may have installed low-grade glass. Or they may have done low-quality sealing. Thus your car might be vulnerable to harm because of the previously installed inferior windshield. Whenever it receives damages you might want to carry out a windshield chip repair on it.


Your automobile’s windshield is more than just any other glass. It is a significant asset of your car. That guarantees you and your vehicle’s safety. It makes sure your car’s structure is intact and it is driving perfectly. When the technicians install it with the correct methods, it will offer brilliant performance. After reading our post, you’re in a better position to understand the importance of owning a perfectly flawless windshield. Most of the setbacks take place when you are driving on the road or being careless with your car. You should take care of protecting your car from excessive, heat, light, debris, and trees. You should stay clear of heavy construction vehicles. For the best windshield repair get the help of a specialist.



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